A revolutionary new tool that keeps hair from breaking when you take down your braids.

  • Pain free detangling and unraveling
  • Time efficient braid take down
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth and retention
  • Long lasting tool design
  • Keeps fingers comfortably positioned
  • Double sided tool design for all size braids and styles



Rat tooth combs, scissors, and tired fingers are not doing anything but creating breakage and wasting precious time. TheBraidReleaser is specifically designed to create a fast and pain free takedown experience while decreasing breakage you normally encounter using traditional methods.

Designed by Adidas Developer Saraa Green, it keeps your fingers comfortably positioned while the double sides accommodate for both smaller and larger sized braids.

The braid removal experience for women of color should not be an afterthought. TheBraidReleaser was created with you in mind. Whether you’re taking down your daughter’s hair on Sunday night or removing your own protective styles we are here to help. Why should you be figuring out how many days you can partially remove sections at a time and still be presentable in public?

We are here to eliminate that drama altogether!

Individual BraidReleaser

Girlfriend Bundle

Stylist Bundle

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

  • “TheBraidReleaser cuts the time it takes to take down braids. It’s easy for anyone to use and fits comfortably in your hand. It’s a must have for salon and home use.”


  • “TheBraidReleaser made my life 10x easier when removing box braids. I got into a little rhythmic zone that was so therapeutic for me! My client gained 2 inches in growth by following my hydration steps while having her hair braided. The results, no breakage and longer hair!”


  • “It works. The simplicity mixed with usefulness of this tool is genius. I never imagined taking out box braids could be relaxing and done so neatly. TheBraidReleaser is the type of tool that makes you ask, why wasn’t it created sooner?”

    -JANE R.

The history of Black hair has been one of slavery, tears, shame, rebellion, pride & now finally love!

It all started in 1992 when mother of three and teacher Angela Green created a tool to help her take down her daughters’ braids. After creating the prototype for her family, she considered taking the tool to mass market. But unfortunately, innovation in the early 90s wasn’t supported by the business resources and funding that are available now and so she had to shelf her idea.

27 years later, Angela’s daughter Saraa Green took the prototype and built a business plan for it as part of her MBA graduation project. Discovering how much of a market there was for TheBraidReleaser proved that nearly 3 decades later, beauty tool innovation for women of color was still an afterthought.

TheBraidReleaser is more than just a tool for protective styles; it’s a statement to the world that Black women are no longer content with just “making do” anymore. Our needs are just as important as everyone else’s.

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